In addition to lodging bed & breakfast guests from around the world, Dennis and Judie, Reiki masters since 1993, operate the RAINBOW HEALING CENTER which has hosted alternative healing presentations and workshops for the past four years, including Homeopathy, Polarity, Applied Kinesiology, Mind/Body Magic, Body Bliss, Yoga Classes, Transcendental Meditation (TM), Tarot, Sacred Geometry, Crop Circle Lectures, various massage demonstrations, and spiritual channels.  Check with us about our schedule before planning a visit. We have free REIKI Healing Circles for the community and our guests every Wednesday evening at 7 PM.  Call to reserve a spot at the circle.     We are holding ongoing REIKI Level I & II training.  The classes for either level are held over 2 days, usually on weekends.  Other schedules can be arranged.  We are sixth in a lineage of the Usui System of Natural Healing, and teach the system in its pure form.  Call for class schedules and costs, or to make reservations for our bed & breakfast and healing center.  Healers, body workers and readers are readily available.
Call or Email us for information on our next scheduled REIKI classes.  719 256-4110   or   800 530-1992 REIKI Level I - Call for class dates $200.00 REIKI Level II - Call for class dates $300.00 Cost includes two nights lodging, breakfast & lunch.
You may send private email requests to be included in the prayers of our Reiki Healing Group to:
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